FK 3rd

by Factory Kids

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TARA 009


released March 1, 2011

Tara Records



all rights reserved


Factory Kids UK

Musical project of Christina Marie and Tim Chaplin...

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Track Name: Miss Monkey Moo
Dream if you must do
Love my baby true

Oh, my God
Yes, indeed
All systems go
Burning up at full speed
Love from me to you

Scream if you must do
Love Miss Monkey Moo

Darkened room
Painted green
See you soon
Cash machine
Love from me to you

Dream if you must do
Bruised in navy blue

House I'd buy you
If I could
Lock me up
Wish you would
Love your baby true
Track Name: Love Beads
You make me happy
You make me sad
You drive me crazy
You drive me mad
I see your face
I'm in that place
Next to the end
Whatever it is I want
Now I just pretend

I wanna love you, baby, and...

What could it be attracted me?
Could it be your love beads?
What could it be entangled me?
Could it be your love beads?

What could it be attracted me?
Could it be your love beads?
What could it be infected me?
Could it be your love beads?
Track Name: Once x 2
Come on! I thought I heard you say
But still to my dismay
I watch you run away
Come on! There's lots for us to do
And I might pull you through
It's only up to you

And all the stars go out
And that's what it's about to you
Once times two
And when your house falls down
The faces that you've found'll do
Once times two

Come on! 'Cause it's all still the same
As back before you came
Don't make me start again
Come on! What did I do wrong?
'Cause I just can't belong
And we can't wait too long
Track Name: I Want You
I want you
In the middle of the pouring rain
In the middle of a crying shame
I want you
I wan't you
In the middle of the afternoon
In the middle of a silver spoon
I want you

Didn't ever wanna just get by
Don't say I didn't try
Don't say I didn't try
When my worst wishes came back true
What's a boy supposed to do?
What's a boy supposed to do?

I want you
In a picture in a freezing frame
In the thing that takes away the pain
I want you
I want you
In the corner of an empty room
By the light of a crescent moon
I want you

I wanna go to sleep forever...
Track Name: On Your Own
If you thought this was the time
And you thought the time was now
If you're always asking why
You're always thinking how
You're not the only one
You're never on your own
Don't be the only one
Don't take it on your own

Before you felt the pain
Before I saw your face
Before I feel the same
Before you know your place
When there was nothing here
And nothing came to you
Before you disappear
Be sure you've thought it through
Track Name: The Answer In Your Eyes
You say you feel it's all forgotten
It's all just in my mind
So what's all this I find?
You say I've always forgotten
What I left behind
So why these warning signs?

But I know I can change
I can try
I can find
The answer in your eyes
I can fight
To make it all okay
To find the words to say
It's only you, always

You say the years are all between us
It's all just in my mind
It's better off behind
You say you wish you had an answer
You wish all this could change
You want your time again
Track Name: P.S. - Sleep In Sweet Dreams
I died in the hospital
I died in a bed
Someone else's sheets
Not mine
I can make you better, now
If you think I could
Paying for your sins
Not mine

I thought I heard a laugh
So tell me - was it you?
My body hurts
From carrying this weight
Meet me after school
And take me to your house
Unfinished business
If it's not too late

There's black in your very soul
It's riddled with weeds
I see you
In your fucking hell on earth
Bounce back from the bottom
'Til you're higher than before
Hang-on for me
If you get there first

I'll never forget your face
I hide it all inside
I see it
When the pretty girls go by
Living in your honour
And dying in your name
Sleep in sweet dreams
While the world goes by
Track Name: Grosvenor Girl
Saturdays I see you
Standing on your street
Could it be the concrete
Underneath your feet?
Could it be today
That you wanna say?
Oh yeah!
I can see you're sinking
Can I see you tonight?
Grosvenor girl
It's gonna be alright
Sure I'm sick for something
But it's black and white
Oh yeah!

Let me make it up to you now
Grosvenor girl
I ain't got nobody
Nowhere in the world
Will we just be waiting here
Forever and a day?
Tell me, what else does it take
To get next (through) to you?

What you think I'm waiting for?
For you, fuck's sake!
Gonna cross my fingers
For your bus to break
Down is just today
Wish yourself away
Oh yeah!
I can see you're someone
Couldn't see it yourself
Live it like you love it
Like there's no one else
Terrifically tonight
If you do it right
Oh yeah!
Track Name: Look At You
When the day breaks
It breaks just like my heart
It's broken me apart
It's broken me apart
And I die 'most
Every night you cry
You cry because I try
You cry because I try

I only wanna look at you...

When your eyes can't
See me anymore
Remember me before
Remember me before
'Cause you'd hate me
If you knew me at all
Set me up to fall
Set me up to fall
Track Name: Among The Stars
Give me tonight
Show me the light
As we lay among the stars
It will never seem far