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released September 20, 2011


Tara Records

TARA 015



all rights reserved


Factory Kids UK

Musical project of Christina Marie and Tim Chaplin...

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Track Name: Oh, My
Oh, my baby now...

Won't you shelter me...

Won't you comfort me...
Track Name: Always, Always, Always
When I see you, I see me
It's just the situation sometimes
But love comes for free
Not always in a straight line
There may as well be no girls in the world
Every day, always
Drew an angel on your back
In the olden days

Always, always, always
Tangled up with you
Always, always, always
Hanging on for you

When I was young, I used to think
Now I don't even bother no more
Only taught me how to sink
You showed me oh so much more
Track Name: All Illusions (electr.)
The stars fall from the sky
On the last day we knew anything
Our thoughts floating on reality
Nothing is what it seems

It's the end of the world
Or at least what we knew
Covered in lies and thoughts of you
Discovering what we could hide

Paper thin emotions, swept away
On a never ending display
When the music is speaking
In a language unknown

Sweet nightmares in the dark
Entangled in our thoughts
Maybe on another day
Everything will be here to stay

Confusing all illusions with reality
Losing our identity
And when they tell you
They say: "Jeg elsker deg"
Track Name: Broken Heart Of Glass
He showed it once but never again
Couldn't help but put her through this pain
Didn't know just what to say
Didn't know the price to pay
Now there's nowhere left to hide
And she's all mixed up inside
Couldn't find the words to say
And she just couldn't be happy today

It's never forever
It's all in the past
He fell in love forever
With her broken heart of glass...

She trusted him once but never again
Didn't have to always be the same
Too perfect to waste
'Til she got too close to taste
And she thought she knew her mind
'Til he tore it up inside
Haunted by the words they said
Stuck inside of their heads
Track Name: See, Sister?
All your words amount to nothing now
Always more than your heaven will allow
All your words can't move me quite the same
And I don't need to ever speak your name

And I watch you run away
From all the things you wanna say
And I watch you run away
To somewhere better than today

See, sister, can't you understand
Why you've got me feeling second hand?
And I've been fading for so long
See, sister, why you're wrong?

I'm just waiting for your words to set me free
From the people we thought we had to be
And all the times I thought I was okay
But there's things I won't get over and there's things that I can't say

See, sister, can't I make you see
How nothing never ever works for me?
And maybe one day, I'll make you understand
See, sister, why I'm like I am?
Track Name: Beaus & Belles
Time to tell
Thought I knew you well
Nothing left to sell
'Cept beaus and belles

I don't know...